You are currently viewing Update – January 2022 Branch Meeting outcomes.

Update – January 2022 Branch Meeting outcomes.

Hi All, thanks to all those who were able to attend the first meeting of the year. There were 23 people in attendance with two of that number being new members. Welcome folks, you have joined a great group of people and a branch that is very active.

Thanks go to Rob Tunnicliff for running the meeting in my absence.

With so few members in attendance there was no raffle so it was a very straight forward meeting.

The 2022 AGM is being held at our February meeting and as you have all heard that are two key positions that we need to have filled which currently have no nominations. They are the Webmaster and the Publicity Officer. While that both are important communications positions for the Branch it is the Publicity Officer role that is probably the most pivotal because without the DR we cannot bill for advertising and without advertising Brach revenue is minimal and subsidised events will slowly dry up. Please seriously consider coming forward for the Publicity Officer role.

Publicity Officer and Webmaster are two roles that are vitally important to the Branch as they are the two key communications roles and without them the Branch will almost certainly only have Facebook as a means of ‘getting the message out’. This would be a terrible outcome so please seriously consider nominating for one of these roles and continue the great tradition of the Branch.

I will leave it here other than to ask you all to be safe and sound in these very trying times and look forward to a great meeting in February.

Stay safe.

Next scheduled meeting:

14th February 2022