OUTCOMES – 11th January Branch Meeting.

OUTCOMES – 11th January Branch Meeting.


Hi All, well our first meeting of the year and our first since March 2020 went off without a hitch and thank you to all who were able to attend and stayed within the CovidSafe rules.
Things were kept very strict as we have all come to expect and we were limited to 50 members (we had 46!), we were not able to mingle, had to remain seated when not going to the bar or bistro and any speakers had to walk to the front and take a seat so as they were not standing. All these caveats and restrictions did not stop us having a good meeting and from the feedback everyone enjoyed it.

Our 2021 AGM which is normally held in February but due to the uncertainty surrounding future meetings and the fact that nominations had to be received and verified by this meeting it was decided by the Committee that our AGM will be delayed or likely not held this year.

With the exception of Peter Simpson, the current Committee will remain in office for the foreseeable future.With Peter’s departure (and Dee’s!) Michelle Garrett has kindly stepped back into the Social Secretary role which she left only an AGM or two ago! In addition the Welfare Officer position, which has been vacant since the 2020 AGM, has been taken up with another Committee returnee, Bill Collaros.

Thanks to both of the new comers and a big thank you to Peter for his work on the website and in organising the two very enjoyable and successful Christmas Parties. We will notify NatComm of the ‘new Committee’ shortly. 

There was a lot more including a discussion around a printed versus an electronic version of the DR. At the moment due to a number of factors a printed version of the DR is not feasible both logistically and financially and there will be more on that in the future.An Auction was held by way of Bald Eagle’s clean up! If you want to know more then I will leave you to read the minutes in the next e-DR.

There is one final thing:


Next meeting – 8th February 2021 (hopefully!)