13 May 2023: Keith Ryan’s ride to Hilltop

A brisk and clear morning greeted just four riders being Dakar, myself, Colonel and Steve with pillion Gail. Through a little bit of confusion and a bit more good fortune I suggested that we go to Robertson for morning teas rather than Hilltop as advertised.

With all in agreement we set off via Princes Highway, Picton Road then to Mount Kembla where we happened upon a 4WD travelling extremely slowly whilst vigorously defending it’s ability to obtain maximum value of road tax paid. A planned detour to the Mt Kembla Lookout was cancelled when this 4WD indicated and turned right.

After a gentle cruise down towards The Princes Hwy and Unanderra, Col realised that his rear tyre needed a tad more air. We found a servo then negotiated Princes Highway to Fowlers Road, Cleveland Road and a trip around Huntley Hill climb because we could.

Avondale Road, Huntley Road, Mount Marshall Road, Calderwood Road and Escarpment Drive took us to the Illawarra Hwy and a steady ride towards Macquarie Pass. Once on Macquarie Pass we ended un in convoy behind two Mazda vehicles, Baiter models was mentioned. The first of these vehicles slowed to less than 25kph when approaching 35kph advisory bends then would brake for the bend (Yes, uphill and braking from 25), the second was struggling to keep with the leader.

After having more than ample to observe and decipher slow lane signage and instruction, the second of these vehicles , being directly ahead of Dakar and myself veered to the left until the driver realised that I began passing on their right. This appeared to cause some confusion with both car drivers who attempted to weave across as much real estate as they could.

Rather than coming to an almost complete stop, Dakar and I promptly adjudged that there was sufficient room for me to continue passing whilst Dakar passed to the left of both vehicles. As these persons occupying drivers seats displayed little idea of what they were actually doing or supposed to be doing we saluted them as we ;passed.

AnyHOO, after a short RBT stop, we all arrived safely in Robertson to enjoy brunch at the original Pie Shop. Whilst eating, chatting and watching a deal of traffic heading towards the coast with darker clouds building in the east we decided to have lunch at Appin.

Off we set, east from the Pie Shop, Tourist Road, Range Road, Hume Hwy, Aylmerton Road, Old South Road, Old Hume Hwy/Remembrance Driveway through the wise towns. Bargo River Road, through, Thirlmere, Picton, Wilton, Broughton Pass and on to The Appin Pub for lunch.

After lunch, Steve and Gail headed to Wollongong whilst Col, Dakar and I headed for home, arriving shortly before an afternoon shower.

A very pleasant ride.

Regards, Keith Ryan.