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28th May 2024: Kiama and Berry

We were all greeted by another amazing sunny day for this ride.

It was 10 riders and 3 pillions for today, with myself being informed that I was required to lead the ride, because I was on the committee. (that can’t be right?) (thanks Bullfrog)

We headed of down the OPH, all the way to the Fowlers Rd exit, where Paul Sargeant left us for Shell Harbour, and the rest of us proceeded down to Marshall Mount rd.

Saddleback lookout
Saddleback lookout

Calderwood and the approach, has now become one big work zone, as the new housing developments continue to spread, we continued onto Church St and made our way to Jamberoo for a comfort stop.

From there, we headed up to Saddleback lookout to take in the loverly clear view, before making our way back down into Kiama, and proceeding south to our destination, the Dairy Bar at Berry.

After a very nice coffee and a few nibbles, the 11 of us that were left, headed back to the North, taking the Broughton Village , Foxground detour, before heading straight back up the freeway and OPH.

We said our goodbyes at Heathcote,  we were down to 8 at this point, as Les, Vicky and Bullfrog left us in the Gong. We could not have asked for nicer riding conditions today.

Thanks to Paul, Shane, Sparky & Erica, Les & Vicky, Sherk & Bev, Red,  Plucka, Bullfrog and Bruce, for helping make it a very enjoyable day.

Ride Report By: Colonel