You are currently viewing Photos for the Week: 14th to 20th March 2022.

Photos for the Week: 14th to 20th March 2022.

15th March 2022

Ride to Thirlmere

10 riders met for a ride that took them of all places Thirmere or as it should be known the St. George Sutherland Branch outdoor centre!

Thirlmere ride photos.

17th March 2022

Thru Jamberoo to Robertson

A group of 10 riders, led by Smoko, set off on what was really an exploratory ride to the Robertson Pie Shop as the road conditions were not known following the rains. Thankfully the expedition found that National Park is open, Jamberoo road to Robertson is open, Macquarie pass is open, the tourist road is open and best of all Broughton Pass is open to traffic also (with traffic lights). Good job Smoko. 

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19th March 2022

Ride washed out!

Although the weather turned off other members, Beat managed to get a solo ride in. As he said he is ‘not scared of water!‘. He is however wary of fog so when the fog closed in around Bulli he turned back home.