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Photos for the week: 22nd to 26th February 2022

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22nd February 2022

Mad Dogs and Motorcyclists

Two diehards turned up for a ride on a very wet and miserable day. TT swears that he did not get wet due to the excellence of the fairing on the FJR! I for one call BS!

Thirlmere on a wet Tuesday.

23rd February 2022

Wings@Bangor Tavern

A great turnout of 15, on what was a wet and awful day, for the recommencement of the Wednesday Wings with just one small hiccup: the Tavern moved the wings lunch to Friday. That was not an issue for the attendees though!

Wings@Bangor pics

Other rides washed out!


21st February 2022

Ride to the Australian TT Memorial, Collector

Not a Branch ride but a ride by Bob Howard and Craig Carfoot with the Shoalhaven Classic Motorcycle Club in conjunction with the Classic Riders Club of Goulburn to the memorial commemorating the first Australian TT.

TT Memorial Ride Photos