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2nd Apr 2024: Meet & Greet Bundeena

The brave band of five riders set out on their quest to conquer the elements and tame the treacherous roads to Bundeena via Bald Hill. With rainclouds looming ominously overhead, they scoffed at the forecasted downpour, their spirits undampened, at least for now.

As they navigated the winding roads, exchanging banter and jokes to keep morale high, they noticed one rider lagging behind, struggling against the relentless drizzle. Alas, poor Gerry, his resolve dissolved faster than sugar in a rainstorm, his once-determined expression now resembling a drowned rat.

Despite Gerry’s unfortunate fate, the remaining four riders pressed on, their determination unshaken. They faced challenges at every turn – slippery roads, gusty winds, and the occasional rogue seagull swooping down for a closer look at their colorful helmets.

But adversity only fueled their sense of adventure, and soon they found themselves victorious at the picturesque shores of Bundeena. As they celebrated their triumph over the elements with steaming cups of coffee and hearty laughs, they knew that this ride would go down in the annals of their biking escapades as a true test of grit, camaraderie, and the absurdity of riding in the rain.

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