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2nd Dec 2023: Meet and Greet

The weather looked a bit average, but only overcast, no rain. There were 4 of us – me, Wills, Paul and Dakar. No, wait, Dakar was with that other group although he did come and chat with us for 5 mins!

After a brief discussion, it was decided that I was the ride leader, Wills volunteered to be TEC and Paul was going to keep the pack together in the middle. We decided on the Menangle Store for a nice coffee. Down the OPH, right onto Appin Rd where we had an interesting interaction with a fellow motorist. Don’t know what he didn’t like (dual lanes, no traffic, us in L/H lane, following the speed limit) but as he overtook me, he was shaking his fist furiously out the window and signed off with “the bird”. None of us could figure out what his problem was. Perhaps he was just jealous!

We had a slight bit of a sprinkle, not enough to wet the roads, and the rest of the trip was in dry, overcast conditions. Coffee at Menangle was very pleasant and surprisingly fast service, considering how busy they were.

Back on the bikes, off through Ambervale and back into Appin, before turning left and heading home the same way. About 170kms, and back home in time for lunch. Good ride, good weather, good company! Thanks Wills and Paul.

Cheers Brett.