You are currently viewing 2nd Oct 2023: Whispers Monday Coffee Ride

2nd Oct 2023: Whispers Monday Coffee Ride

8 am Loftus Oval perfect riding day. Perry, Martin, Whispers and Dakkar who joined us today on a public holiday.

With double demerits hanging around every motorists /riders neck in the interest of safety [$$$$$], We thought it would be a good idea to be back before the holiday crowds returned to civilization.

Our ride today was breakfast at Picton Leaf and bean café under the trees with bacon and egg rolls and coffee when Ulyssian Drew arrived with some friends. Popular place this café where the rich and famous dine. Breakfast done we returned via Thirlmere, The Oaks, Orangeville, Cobbity, Oran Park, Bringelly, Prestons, Liverpool, Heathcote Rd, New Illawarra Rd, home noon and beat the traffic

Thanks Guys great ride.

John Whispers Warren