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20th May 2024: Monday Coffee Ride

7.30 at Loftus oval waiting for the multitude to turn up for a ride on the first ride since 2 wash outs.

8.00 still waiting, no multitude, perfect weather, where to go, not wanting to waste a perfect ride day. Maybe a short ride to Social.

Then home for domestic duties, nah too good for that, maybe Bulli beach. Off I go on the O P H to Bulli but still too good to stop now. Keep going down the highway, take the Albion Park exit. After a mental discussion with my riding companions, we decided on Jamberoo Village, Right at Tongarra Rd, Left at Jamberoo Rd Passed the Action Park to the village. A pleasant café in the sun for bacon and eggs.

After a chat with non-riders over breakfast and sitting in the sun I reluctantly headed for home. Continuing on Jamberoo Rd, Jerrara Rd to Kiama then the highway.

Home 11.30, said goodbye to Harley and helmet and a cuppa to finish off the ride.

John Whispers Warren.