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22nd Jan 2024: Monday Cruiser Ride

What is it about Mondays and rain, seems the two are associated. After the official hottest day of the year well 21 days it drops 20 degrees and rains.

Regardless of the weather 8 hardy souls turned up for a ride. Whispers ,Perry, Vic ,Davo ,Karen from the north coast ,Martin on his new toy.

Harley riders Andy and Phil, guest riders on very impressive machines [friends of mine ] ,8 all up .Our destination today with the dark clouds circling, was Shell Cove, clutch out [sorry Dennis] was 8 am. Davo volunteered to be tail end Charley.

We achieved about 500 meters of our journey when the fine rain arrived and continued till Bulli where it stopped but it must have rained over night as the road was wet till down past Wollongong. We passed a blue light parked on the side on Mt Ousley just past Mt Pleasant turn off hiding beside the line of trucks descending the mount.

Only an easy 1 hour ride to Shell Cove with plenty of seating provided at the café, b/e rolls the speciality and discussion of road rules over we returned via the same route till Helensburg where I thought a deviation through the park would be pleasant. My Alzheimer’s had slipped in again when I forgot the big winds the night before.

Negotiating the branches and twigs proved a concentration burst for the next 30 mins. All safe we had our good byes at the toll gates to the park and arrive home about 12.30.

Thanks for the company guys and girls.

Cheer Whispers