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23rd Jan 2024: Thirlmere

Well, a total of 13 riders and 1 pillion amassed at Heathcote Ampol under overcast skies to participate in another Ulysses Ride.

9am came and went by a minute or two then! With gasps and astonishment everyone stood silent! TT had removed himself from his trusty steed and migrated to the cluster.

In my calmest Shrek voice I said, “OK, where is young John following us to today?”
A quick look around saw may hands fidgeting or deeply entrenched in pockets before Popeye advised he could lead us on a 320 odd km trip he had planned for another date.

After some consternation, that ride could not be suitably altered so all the hands, once again became unraised. In my next calmest Shrek tone, I said, “OK, looks like another Keith ride, do you want this Keith or this other Keith to lead you in your merry way?’

23rd Jan 2024: Thirlmere
23rd Jan 2024: Thirlmere

So Gorilla Keith located a coin and tossed it with yours truly loosing. After some initial thoughts and discussion Keith and Keith decided that the prospects of better weather were to the west and Thirlmere would be the destination for some grits and hog jowls. Right, Douglas Park and, and, just follow me.

We set off with threatening skies along the Old Princes Hwy, Appin, Douglas Park Road then around the back and through Menangle then south, up the hill and right to try he Old Hume Hwy.

There were patches of light drizzle and patches of blue sky so I continued to follow the yellow brick road into full sunshine around Cawdor where we had to stop for roadwork.

We resumed our journey, over basalt, lime and poc marked surface then through to Burragorang Road through The Oaks, Oakdale then left and through to Thirlmere with a steady shower of rain setting in as we arrived to indulge in the ambience and enjoy local cuisine which, as usual, was purdy damned fine.

The downpour subsided and we remounted our velocipede for the homeward journey. The weather was mostly kind to us until Appin Road, by which time I had to re-zip my jacket vents and seriously consider taking the freeway to avoid further duration of rain. But, before we arrived at the said intersection! The precipitation had relented so we waved goodbye to the southern folk before traveling the OPH back to Heathcote where we congratulated one another on participating in yet another great ride with a great mob.

During our ride and, possibly due to varying conditions we managed to get caught behind four wheeled chicanes which were, using all the roadway (at a very moderate pace), had no concept of how a driver should operate an indicator stalk or generally had no idea of how to drive their vehicles. This ended up being balanced by a few in the group who were, being polite, riding steadily in the conditions and in consideration of their abilities.

Please, please, please take care on the road, whatever you’re riding or driving, utilise those shiny things within and on either side of your vehicles (they are useful for things other than applying make-up) and encourage yourself, your children and your grandchildren to participate in defensive rider/driver training whenever possible. It’s a dangerous place out on the roads, big brother doesn’t want to improve or take any responsibility so arm yourself the best you can.

Cheers Shrek.