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24th Oct 2023: Meet & Greet Ride to Thirlmere

9.30 am Depart Ampol Service Station Heathcote South Bound

Not to disappoint surprisingly large number of disgraceful riders in attendance totalling twenty-two (22) including pillion passenger riders.

It seemed we knew the weather was about to change for the rest of the week with a temperature drop and rain followed by more rain.

24th Oct 2023: Meet & Greet Ride to ThirlmereAs we pulled out onto the Princes Highway the line of bikes stretched out over a kilometre with John Foley in his usual position of rear gunner making sure no one was left behind.

We travelled down to the Old Princes Highway around the sweeping bends toward the round abouts and onward past the Boomerang Golf Course only to briefly meet up with the main highway momentarily to head to Appin Road to Appin and through Broughton Pass on Wilton Road and wound our way through Douglas Park.

We entered the Freeway and took the Bargo Exit heading towards Tahmoor along Remembrance Drive and wound our way to Barbour Road to Thirlmere for morning tea/coffee.

With such a big group our parking was spread out, however most of us headed into Loop Line Pies for an assortment of things to eat washed down with a coffee of choice. Chairs were at a premium and so the Thirlmere Park accommodated the remainder.

As usual good conversation had by all with one of our members off to the USA for a riding holiday. The tip I got out of that conversation was always talk US Dollars when mentioning the cost to the wife. It’s our secret! The conversion to the Ausy Dollar is murder…..

As we were departing a few went on a longer ride which saw the “Riders Report” flick-passed to me. There was a slight variation of the way back to Heathcote, however we did Douglas Park again and through Broughton Pass and back down Appin Road through to OPH to the final stop back in Heathcote for a final photo and farewell to all for a great way to spend a Tuesday morning.

Ride Report: – Martin Rambow – The Bus Rider!