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9th Oct 2023: Whispers Monday Coffee Ride

Waiting at Loftus Oval for arrivals with Martin, when Karen and Michael arrived. Karen on her 2009 Triumph Bonneville [still a good-looking bike] and Michael on his fast-looking Motto Guzzi. No more arrivals so we headed off for Shell Cove.

On the O P H approaching the Helensburgh roundabout, sat a car in the lane with a little old lady standing beside the car with the door open, Assuming the car had broken down and being the gentlemen and lady we’re credited with being, we pulled over to offer our assistance:

I approached the lady who had a bewildered look on her face and said “ have you broken down we will push off the road before someone runs into the back of you She replied “no I’m ok I’m just waiting for my friend who’s in the office having a cup of coffee, shouldn’t I park here ?“. I explained to her she was parked in the traffic lane in a dangerous location should any traffic approach from behind

She replied “Oh I’m very sorry should I move it over there around the corner.” I said that’s a good idea and she proceeded to do so.

Martin, Michael and I looked at each other and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Karen who was further on down the road waving the traffic down wondered what was going on. We beckoned her up and got underway.

One day we might be like that but for now being in possession of our marbles [I think] we continue on. At the café at Shell Cove over coffee we explained to Karen what happened which was difficult because we were laughing so much…

Coffee and cake finished we journeyed uneventfully home, [how could you top that ?]

John [Whispers] Warren