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28th September 2023: Double Demerits Saturday

After much consternation and worry about being on the road at 7.30am and riding on a double demerits Saturday. Martin, Dakar and myself where at Menai, ready to head off.

Our long ride legend, Dakar, then advised that family things had been booked and couldn’t do the whole ride.

Off we set, Illawong Road, Heathcote Road, M5, Camden Valley Way, Bringelly Road, The Northern Road, Blacktown Road, George Street, top up the fuel then see who’s waiting at Bligh Park Macca’s.

So, Tim SHELDON and Jasmine Mark EVO from Eastern Creek Ulysses were there waiting. After a chat, Tim and Jasmine were only able to go to The Gey Gums with us so we made an executive decision, stopped in, had a coffee and a good catch up.

Martin and I went north while Tim and Jasmine headed south to home and fix forks that were bottoming due to weeping seals.

We rode up to Milbrodale then Broke where Martin re-fuelled then across to Wollombi where the road was still in need of repairs. Not terrible but not far from it.

28th September 2023: Double Demerits Saturday
28th September 2023: Double Demerits Saturday

Lunch at Wollombi, back through Kulnura and Mangrove Mountain to Peats Ridge, Old Pacific Highway to and through Mt White, and all the way down to Hawkesbury River where the speed limit went up to 80kph this travelling only moderately slowly for the bends

A bypass of Hornsby the Pennant Hills Road to Carlingford then across to Silverwater Road, through Bankstown and back to the Bangor Tavern for a refreshing ale and chat before heading home.

Bit better than 450k’s. A few Flash For Cash revenue raisers, one HWP seen, a prang on Silverwater Road at Auburn caused an overheated delay.

All in all a great opportunity to ride a few roads not travelled for quite a while whilst looking at but not sampling Dr Kurds Jungle Juice.

Cheers, Shrek.