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17 June 2023: Keith Ryan’s ride to Berrima, Robertson and Appin

17 June 2023: Keith Ryan's ride - Kangaroo Valley
17 June 2023: Keith Ryan’s ride – Kangaroo Valley

Yet another perfect cool and clear riding day had Gorilla, Colonel, Paul, The Snee’s and Slim Jim Allison head off down the Old Princes Hwy to the top of Bulli Pass where Jim left us. He was just out of the sling, wanting to test out the injured wing without putting too much stress on it.

We continued to Picton Road and through Mount Kembla before heading back to the Motorway then a brief sojourn through Broughton Village and Fox Grounds then skirting Berry up Woodhill Mountain, and into Kangaroo Valley where we stopped for a bite and have a chat with Mark Price.

The Snee’s left up here with the remaining four heading up Barrengarry Mountain to Fitzroy Falls and on to Bowral where I had studied back roads to negotiate Bowral and Mittagong without going through the main streets or doing a great distance to go around. Quite successful, less stressful and much quicker.
We continued onto the freeway briefly to the Colo Vale exit, through the Y towns, Bargo, Bargo River Road, through Thirlmere and Picton.

17 June 2023: Keith Ryan's ride - Gorilla
17 June 2023: Keith Ryan’s ride – Gorilla

As we were leaving Picton we had to wait for Gorilla who got caught in traffic. As Keith arrived and I accelerated through the gears I engaged 3rd gear with the forward motion ceasing and grinding noises coming from my driveshaft.

Fortunately, Paul was able to get his mate Trevor, who is considering buying a road bike and joining our club, to hook up his trailer and come to rescue myself and my wounded BMW.

We didn’t get to Southwest Barbeque at Appin for lunch, instead going back into Picton for a bite while waiting for the rescue trailer so we’ll have to try this barbeque venue on another ride.

Aside from my BMW blues, everyone else got home safely with Gorilla’s new, new, new replacement bike not faltering. My bike was booked in for it’s 80k service and to have the shaft drive checked under warranty in Monday 19 June. She is now going to arrive on my trailer with the faulty parts, hopefully all covered by warranty.

Regards, Keith Ryan