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29th Jan 2024: Coffee Ride

29th Jan 2024: Coffee Ride

What’s that in the sky ? Is it a bird ? nooooo. Is it a plane ? noooo. Is it the sun ? Can’t be it’s a Monday.

Chris Bowen has legislated a freeze on the sun to conserve the suns energy every Monday. Well like the rest of his B S he failed ,the sun broke through.

Whispers, Perry, Karen and Andrew were there to enjoy a perfect riding day. Our target was Picton Town Centre for bacon and eggs. A pleasant outdoor setting is provided here.

With good meals at a good price. Michael is unable to join his lovely wife because he doesn’t have a bike in town .[tough luck Michael another bike is the answer]. Socialising complete we returned home via Razorback, Camden, Hume motor way, Heathcote Rd.

Our goodbyes at old Illawarra Rd then home for lunch.
Thanks for the company