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9th Apr 2024: Meet & Greet Down the Coast

Seven riders and two pillions out today (Myself, Bruce, Shane, Dutchy, Colonel, Les and Vicki and Owen and Leslie) and ready for ride.  With the forecast of rain and strong winds we agreed to keep to the coast and closer to home in case we got caught and had to make a run for it.  Before departure we took the opportunity to make a number plate presentation to ‘THESMITS’ so next time you catch up with Owen and Leslie check out the bike for the new addition to the Tiger Sport.

The planned ride was pretty simple, OPH then Ousley to Figtree turnoff then up Mt Kiera, down Mt Kembla do a u-turn back up Mt Kembla onto Clive Bissell Drive then Ousley and OPH back to Helensburgh for a coffee at Social (previously Little Lime Leaf Café). 

Things were going to plan however going down Ousley I noticed the screen on my helmet was loose.  First chance to pull over was on Mt Kiera Road and the mechanism (fancy terminology for screw) holding in the screen on one side had fallen off.  I removed the screen and Vicki kindly offered me the loan of her Katherin Hepburn style glasses as well as Bruce offering me the loan of his safety glasses. You can guess which one I chose????

Both Mt Kiera and Mt Kembla suffered from the recent rains and you could see where water and mud had come across the road and it was no wonder the roads were closed on the weekend.  After going down Mt Kembla which had ongoing roadworks and plenty of dirt still on the road I changed the intended route and went through Figtree and back up Mt Keira and then headed to the Burgh.

We had a pleasant coffee and munchies and during the break clouds started to come in and the temperature became noticeably cooler.  We said our goodbyes here and then we each headed home.

A pleasant morning’s ride and we missed the rain.

See you on a ride soon.