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20 June 2023: Meet and Greet Start

20 June 2023: Meet and Greet

20 June 2023: Meet and Greet Jamberoo
20 June 2023: Meet and Greet Jamberoo

Gerry – BMW XR
Colonel – BMW 800
Brad – BMW 800
Bruce – Ducati Multistrada
David – BMW 1200
Matt – Suzuki 1000GSX
Les and Vicki – Yamaha MT09
Keith – Triumph Tiger
Paul – Honda Goldwing

I arrived at Heathcote about 8.45 am and there was Gerry like a shag on a rock …

Don’t know where all the Tuesday regulars were but just as I was dismounting in came Bruce quickly followed by our fellow riders for the day. Our group included Matt, a friend of Big Als and a prospective member so if you come across Matt on a ride, please introduce yourself and make him welcome.

We didn’t have long to decide where to go so I suggested to Gerry if he would lead, I would do the ride report, done. We were going to go in a reverse loop to Jamberoo and head down OPH, Mount Kiera then rejoin the highway until Swamp Road and into Jamberoo. All was good until we rejoined the highway and while Matt and I were in the outside lane behind a truck Gerry decided to take a detour via Kanahooka. Matt and I missed the turn and kept on the highway. I headed for Fowler Road thinking I may catch them, but Matt missed this turn as well. So, it was off to Jamberoo for me and when I arrived there was Matt already with a coffee and just as we were sitting down in came the rest of the crew.

20 June 2023: Meet and Greet Finish
20 June 2023: Meet and Greet Finish

After a pie and coffee, we all headed off home through Albion Park and onto the highway for a straight home. Vicki and Les peeled off before Wollongong to visit their daughter and Gerry headed home at the Bulli turn off. Unfortunately, I don’t think Paul knew Gerry was heading home and he followed the ride leader, doh!

I had to get home early so alas it was the freeway for me and for the rest it was OPH to Heathcote for farewells. A great day riding with good company and the weather could only get better if it was longer, next time.