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30th Mar 2024: Meet and Greet

Even though it was Easter Saturday at ride time joining me there was Dakar, Steve, Chris, Rick and Spiro all anxious to head off. We decided to stay away from the coast and avoid day trippers and the push bikers, so Thirlmere was the consensus.

Down the OPH to Appin and Broughton Pass then through Douglas Park and onto Menagle Road to Picton Road. Just before Picton we crossed the old bridge and took a right at the roundabout onto Thirlmere Way all the way to Loop Line Pies for our pie and coffee break.

After a very enjoyable break we headed for home. We followed Cedar Creek Road to Barkers Lodge Road where we took a right into Picton and over Razorback before turning onto Finns Road then the back roads of Menagle and then Douglas Park Road to Wilton through the Broughton Pass Appin and OPH back to Heathcote.

A great ride on a smashing Autumn morning, See you on a ride soon.

Ride Report By: Keith Gorilla Moyle.