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Southern Highlands – 6th March 2021

What a great day to be out riding to Bowral and through the back lanes of the Southern Highlands on Brett’s ride. Nice pace and great weather for a change!

TT got lost! True!
The day started out with 5 riders leaving Heathcote at 9am. The weather gods were kind to me today and it was perfect conditions for riding. Down the OPH before turning onto Appin Rd and heading west. Left at Appin, and heading through Broughton Pass, Wilton and left at Picton. Travelling along the old Hume Highway, we passed through lots of small towns as we headed for Bowral. All the towns were bustling with Saturday morning shoppers and traffic, which was good to see. A stop at any of these places would have been pleasurable. The main street of Bowral was busy and we turned left and headed for the Bradman Museum and Café.

After a good morning tea at the café inside the information and souvenir centre, it was back on the bikes and heading for Robertson, via the very quiet and scenic country road through Kangaloon. Down the Macquarie Pass, left through the new suburb of Calderwood and onto the Princes Highway. A few riders decided they needed fuel, so we stopped near Dapto at a servo. Unfortunately the servo was on the wrong side of the road, and we headed south, until we could do a U turn and head north again.

When we turned left onto Mt Kiera Rd, Wills got on the phone as TT was missing. Somehow he lost the other 4 riders! A message came through that he would meet us at the Sublime Pt turn off and we hooked up and continued on back to Heathcote to say our farewells. TT assured us he didn’t get lost and we then had a quick vote. The result was 4-1. No prize for guessing the result! A pleasant leisurely 250km ride, traffic was good, no police, and good conditions.

Thanks gents! Cheers, Brett