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24th June 2024: Coffee at Thirlmere

Cold sunny morning saw 9 hardy participants ready to challenge the environment.

Perry as usual was first to arrive with Whispers, Martin, Colonel, John and Debbie, Drew, Slim and Gordon on his newly acquired BMW F800GS. Longer ride today 240 kl ‘s to stay in the sun a little longer.

Coffee at Thirlmere was via Picton Rd, Macarthur Dr across the weir, where the water was flowing at an alarming rate after the heavy rainfall, up under the overhanging rock where we found the temporary traffic lights were not working.

Proceeding slowly where our vision was impaired by the sun and reflection off the wet road, a highway patrol was escorting a group of cars down the hill.
Trouble was there was nobody at the bottom of the hill to stop traffic ascending the hill. With nowhere to pull over we continued. Some of our group were stopped behind a car when the officer instructed the car to wait, but they caught up shortly.

Through Douglas Park where one of our group remembered he forgot to fuel up prior to the ride. He topped up at the local servo then continued.
Coffee this morning in the sun of the garden of the café was hard to leave the warmth but onward we went.

Out the back way of Thirlmere we did the loop back to Picton, back over the weir where the traffic lights were now working, up the pass where Speedy and Slim turned left to Broughton and we continued back to Picton Rd.

Uneventful ride to Heathcote for good byes then home about 1 pm.

Cheers John Wispers Warren