You are currently viewing Photos for the week: 6th to 12th June 2022

Photos for the week: 6th to 12th June 2022

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7th June 2022

Cordeaux Heights Ride

Another good day for a ride to Cordeaux Heights Cafe for the first time in a while. Always a good venue.

Photos from Cordeaux Heights Ride.

9th June 2022

Gerroa Fisho’s Ride

A very select group of 2 both on BMW 800. The ‘twins’ had a meandering ride taking in a lot of sights and ending up at the Gerroa Fisho’s Club for lunch and then home.

Photos from Gerroa Fisho’s

11th June 2022

Thirlmere Ride

What? Thirlmere again!? Yep when you are on a good thing as they say. Big Al was on his Himalayan and Dakar was quite taken with it after riding it back to Heathcote. Maybe there will be a surge in REs in the Branch?

Photos of Thirlmere ride